October 12, 2018

Have Your Mortage REVIEWED Before You Sign Your Renewal

by Tibor Bogdan
October 12, 2018

I came across an interesting article by Kelleway Mortgage Architects…

Recently I was invited to attend an all-day financial planning seminar hosted by Custom Plan Financial located in Vancouver, BC. From a presentation by Manulife One and several conversations with financial planners, here are a few thoughts to pass along.

1) In Canada, 50-60% of mortgage borrowers automatically sign a renewal with their current lender after their mortgage term expires (e.g., most commonly 5 years after the original funding date).

2) As a mortgage broker, I have heard many times from borrowers that the rates their current lender (e.g., big bank or credit union) were offering at renewal were 0.5% to 0.75% higher than mortgage rates currently available elsewhere.

3) Even after negotiating with their current lender at renewal, borrowers often received a mortgage rate higher than a new customer would receive from that same lender at that same time.

In addition, some borrowers discover that their current advanceable mortgage (which allows them to easily borrow money from their home equity) has a collateral charge attached. A collateral mortgage cannot be transferred to another lender – even at the end of your mortgage agreement – without the help of a real estate lawyer to break your agreement, thus incurring legal costs. Also, on paper, the collateral charge can make it look like you have more debt than you do as the lender can register your mortgage for up to 300% of the value of your home. In effect, there may be no “equity room” left for another lender to offer you a second mortgage secured by your property.

Read the full article here: https://goo.gl/Xf7Sfq

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